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GYUB Handguards Guide

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GYUB Handguards Guide Empty GYUB Handguards Guide

Post by Promised. 09.09.19 13:01

GYUB Handguards Guide Gyub_h11

Green ( 4 )
4x Terradragon Arque

Yellow ( 5 )
1x Sundrop Armor
2x Dava Torey
2x Holy Awe

Blue ( 14 )
4x Emeral
4x Emergency Tyhoon
2x Aqua Hulcus
3x Energy Stream
1x Aqua Surfer

Black ( 7 )
3x Gigastand
4x Roulette of Ruin

Multi ( 10 )
4x Melnia
4x Sanfist
2x Skysword

Total 40 cards

Gameplan go face and set up a handguards sweep turn. Consider interacting with opponent's field early game against aggro when you aren't ready to otk them.

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