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RGB Mana Burn


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RGB Mana Burn Empty RGB Mana Burn

Post by bobbydhobby 04.09.19 2:23

Seeking feedback on how to improve this deck. Thanks in advance.

Fire (13)
4 x Bolzard Dragon
4 x Engineer Kippo
3 x Searing Wave
2 x Volcano Charger

Nature (14)
4 x Essence Elf
4 x Mana Crisis
3 x Bronze Arm Tribe
3 x Faerie Life

Darkness (7)
3 x Terror Pit
2 x Morbid Medicine
2 x Locomotiver

Multi Civi (6)
3 x Dolmarks the Shadow Warrior
3 x Reap and Sow

Total 40 cards
Black Shadow
Black Shadow

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RGB Mana Burn Empty Re: RGB Mana Burn

Post by OcaVan 04.09.19 18:13

Looks nice! Reminds me of the Mana Burn Deck that little guy used in the anime in the very first season.

Playing at least one Bajula could help you creating enourmus pressure for your opponnent.
U could consider playing Soulswap and Bolmeteus to get more control.

Anyaway, already a good deck! Cool
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Invincible Charge

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RGB Mana Burn Empty Re: RGB Mana Burn

Post by Halfar 05.09.19 9:07

I would cut the 3 Faerie Life
and add 2 Locomotiver + 1 Lost Soul

Discard is sooo good in DM and Lost Soul isn't that "expensive" with your
incredible Mana Ramp king
Faerie Life is so bad if you draw it in the Late Game.

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RGB Mana Burn Empty Re: RGB Mana Burn

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