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    GYUB (4civi no fire)

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    GYUB (4civi no fire) Empty GYUB (4civi no fire)

    Post by Promised. 30.12.18 23:30

    Credits for deck idea goes to Altina

    Nature (10)
    4x mushroom
    3x swap
    2x bat
    1x cryptic

    Light (9)
    4x Magris
    1x Phal
    2x craze
    2x awe

    Water (7)
    3x corile
    3x stream
    1x memory

    Darkness (Cool
    4x pit
    1x morbid
    3x lost soul

    Multi Civi (6)
    3x skysword
    2x tajimal
    1x Sanfist

    Total cards 40

    A more competitive build would run -1 cryptic for either +1 trash or +1 craze

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