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Not quite Nat/light Rush


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Not quite Nat/light Rush Empty Not quite Nat/light Rush

Post by Renaleika 02.08.18 17:16

Bronze Arm Tribe x4
Radioactive Horn the Strange x3
Spectral Horn Glithalis x4
Cloned Spike-Horn x4
Techno Totem x2
Mist Rias Sonic Guardian x4
Rumbling Terahorn x4
Skysword the Savage Vizier x4
Valkyer Starstorm Elemental x4
Ularus Punishment Elemental x1
Alcadeias Lord of Spirits x2
Aura Pegasus Avatar of Life x1
Niofa Horned Protector x2
Urth Purifying Elemental x2

So this started as a Nature/Light rush, but I have eyes to big for my decks and went full AngelBeast all over it.

Does anyone have ANY faith in this? What would you do difrently(aside from just making a Nat/Light rush-deck ofcourse).

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