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DRAGONS... my take on it


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DRAGONS... my take on it Empty DRAGONS... my take on it

Post by Renaleika 02.08.18 17:13

Faerie Life x3
Bronse Arm Tribe x3
Vine Charger x3
Soulswap x2
Terradragon Arque Delacerna x1

Cocco Lupia x3
Bolzard Dragon x3
Velkyria Dragon x4
Uberdragon Bajula x2
Bazagazeal Dragon x1

Energy Stream x4
Eureka Charger x4

Reap and Sow x3
Super Dragon Machine Dolzark x2
Miraculus Rebirth x2

Soooo, I always wanted a dragon deck back in the day, but never got around to actualy do it.

Here is my idea; Ramp like a mother and either win through manaburn or a swift boot-themed colonoscapy via Uber.

Looking forward to other perspectives.

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