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DM 13 Recommendations?


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DM 13 Recommendations? Empty DM 13 Recommendations?

Post by redtrickster 26.02.18 13:44


My group have restarted playing DM again recently. (Since the old days where it just came out in SG) However, I wish to push it a step further. I got a bit bored of the current DM(1-12) meta/styles.

I am wondering if there are any default bans in DM-13 and any card you find overpowered in it as well. This is so my group can mediate on what is usable and not from DM-13.

Oh...and any tips if I'm trying to run a DM(1-12) deck but with Eternal Phoenix inside? Should it be red/green or red/blue? Thanks if anyone answers haha!

Lastly, is this DM+13 thing common? and I also heard of DM(1-18) and DM(1-12)+1 Card(13+) formats. Do any of you dabble in'em?

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