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Tournament Winning Decks From the Past


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Tournament Winning Decks From the Past Empty Tournament Winning Decks From the Past

Post by Jynkkymasiina69 07.02.18 12:45

I made some research about the meta in the early days. I found exactly what I assumed to be in every single deck. Every single Tournament Winner deck that I found contains 4x Corile.

German Championship Deck:


1x Madrillon Fish
2x Emeral
4x Aqua Hulcus
1x Phantom Fish
2x Thrash Crawler
4x Corile
3x Illusionary Merfolk


2x Rikabu, the Dismantler
3x Pyrofighter Magnus
2x Rothus, the Traveler
2x Twin-Cannon Skyterror
2x Bazagazeal Dragon
3x Searing Wave
1x Burst Shot


4x Locomotiver
2x Ghost Touch
2x Death Smoke
3x Terror Pit
3x Lost Soul

Total: 46 Cards
Link: https://web.archive.org/web/20071104090232/http://www.wizards.com:80/default.asp?x=duelmasters/rules/deckarticle026

Wizard World East:

4 x Terror Pit
4 x Natural Snare
3 x Mana Nexus
3 x Bronze-Arm Tribe
3 x Rumbling Terahorn
2 x Lost Soul
2 x Twin-Cannon Skyterror
4 x Searing Wave
2 x Doboulgyser, Giant Rock Beast
3 x Meteosaur
3 x Crimson Hammer
2 x Phantom Fish
3 x Hunter Fish
4 x Emeral
2 x Dark Reversal
3 x Illusionary Merfolk
4 x Corile
4 x Aqua Hulcus

Total Cards: 55

Also 2nd and 3rd place contain 4x Corile.
Link: https://web.archive.org/web/20071103024829/http://www.wizards.com:80/default.asp?x=duelmasters/rules/deckarticle027

GenCon 2005:

Friday's Winner:

4x Mist Rias, Sonic Guardian
4x Magris, Vizier of Magnetism
4x Vess, the Oracle
4x La Ura Giga, Sky Guardian
3x Zepimeteus
4x Aqua Hulcus
4x Aqua Guard
4x Marine Flower
4x Corile

3x Diamond Cutter
3x Energy Stream

Total Cards: 41

Saturday's Winner:

4x Bloody Squito
3x Emeral
4x Aqua Hulcus
4x Locomotiver
3x Thrash Crawler
4x Corile
4x Illusionary Merfolk
2x Bazagazeal Dragon

3x Dark Reversal
2x Energy Stream
4x Phantom Dragon's Flame
4x Searing Wave
4x Terror Pit
2x Lost Soul

Total Cards: 47
GenCon 2005 link: https://web.archive.org/web/20071104090307/http://www.wizards.com:80/default.asp?x=duelmasters/rules/deckarticle035

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Tournament Winning Decks From the Past Empty Re: Tournament Winning Decks From the Past

Post by ELTP 07.02.18 19:10

Coriles aside, it's always interesting to see what people used to play back in the days.

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Zach Hartigan
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Tournament Winning Decks From the Past Empty Re: Tournament Winning Decks From the Past

Post by Zach Hartigan 07.02.18 19:26

I wonder how competitive those tournaments have been... Laughing

But yeah, clearly seen there are no cards after DM-06. No Clamp meta.

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Tom Rogers
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Tournament Winning Decks From the Past Empty Re: Tournament Winning Decks From the Past

Post by Tom Rogers 28.02.18 0:32

Haha these are REALLY old. A few of these were my old playtest partners & local tournament competitors (Sergio using yodaz's 4cc, who was admin on the original duelzone.org).

Zach is right. These were the early control decks, before Clamp or Bolmeteus were released. A lot of swarming the board.

Corile + Emeral --> Merfolk was the standard draw engine at this time. People liked to have ~6 (Emeral started to go down to 2 as control became popular, since he's not so great in the mirror)

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Tournament Winning Decks From the Past Empty Re: Tournament Winning Decks From the Past

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