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Strategy - Deck building


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Strategy - Deck building Empty Strategy - Deck building

Post by terrelzakir 22.01.18 7:58


When you first start playing Cabals it's probably good to stick with Starter Deck's and add the odd new card you gain but what about later when you've more than enough cards to choose from?

What is the best way to build your deck?

Using the Deck Editor can be a daunting task. One simple rule to remember is that you need to have enough low cost units so you have cards to play early in the game. Higher cost cards are likely make up just 5 to 10 of your deck. It's also advisable to keep your deck as close to the 30 cards minimum as possible so as to consistently draw the cards you need early on.

What other things should newer players especially pay attention to when deck building?


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