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[TCG] Deck Profile - Mono Water

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[TCG] Deck Profile - Mono Water Empty [TCG] Deck Profile - Mono Water

Post by iamjason8 30.05.17 10:15

Hi all,

As I posted in my first post, I wanted to get into DM content creation, specifically for the TCG. I got back into the game with a small circle of friends and naturally we've developed our own meta. In our 'local meta', many cards from DM-10 onwards are in severe shortage and control decks have risen to the top. I would say that prior to the inclusion of Crystal Spinslicer, this deck was a solid Tier 2 deck however it is now capable of putting on much stronger performances.

The way we build our decks is a compromise of the cards we have available and how good a deck would be irrespective of 'meta' (i.e. built to be as consistent as possible while able to cope with varying strategies). Thus, while some decks are inherently better than others, they're all fairly competitive with each other which I think makes it more fun since anyone can pick up a deck and play.

About the Deck
Mono-Water is by no means a new or original concept but for us, the origins date back to before people in middle school figured out how to really play the game.  Before I started playing, my good friend K ruled the school with a 60 card mono-water deck.  The whole idea of this was built on the fact he was able to sustain card and mana advantage over the course of the game due to the ability to constantly draw cards.  The deck was stolen at a tournament but was not forgotten.  When I rediscovered the game half a decade later, I was able to scrounge up a very unrefined version of the deck and loved the consistency and more importantly loved how I was able to get a good deck running without committing many of the usual staples.  The deck holds up.  It's easy to use and fun to play because of the creative plays you make and how well you can change the tempo of the game.  As far as decent decks go, it's also fairly easy to build!  Most points of conversation are addressed in the video but feel free to ask questions or post in the discussion below!

Water 46
4 Crystal Lancer
4 Crystal Spinslicer
4 Aqua Guard
4 Aqua Hulcus
4 Aqua Surfer
3 Illusionary Merfolk
3 Emeral
4 Corile
4 Angler Cluster
1 Thrash Crawler
1 Flood Valve
4 Brain Serum
4 Spiral Gate
2 Teleportation

Total: 46

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