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[TCG] Deck Profile - Merfolk (RUB) Control

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[TCG] Deck Profile - Merfolk (RUB) Control Empty [TCG] Deck Profile - Merfolk (RUB) Control

Post by iamjason8 30.05.17 10:03

Hi all,

As I posted in my first post, I wanted to get into DM content creation, specifically for the TCG.  I got back into the game with a small circle of friends and naturally we've developed our own meta.  In our 'local meta', many cards from DM-10 onwards are in severe shortage and control decks have risen to the top.  I would say this is easily one of our best decks.

The way we build our decks is a compromise of the cards we have available and how good a deck would be irrespective of 'meta' (i.e. built to be as consistent as possible while able to cope with varying strategies).  Thus, while some decks are inherently better than others, they're all fairly competitive with each other which I think makes it more fun since anyone can pick up a deck and play.

About the Deck
RUB Control has always been my favorite archtype in the English game because I feel like it is a deck I can rely on since it has answers to essentially everything.  I also like the passive, somewhat reactive approach it takes by responding to the opponent's plays while wearing them down over the course of the game.  This deck is a revamped version of what I played in high school and over the years, has gone through many revisions.  At one point I did play it as sort of an anti-meta type deck with Hunter Fish and Ruthless Skyterror, before going into a more streamlined (but extremely slow) version maxed out on Volcano Chargers and Coriles.  I found this version to be my best yet as it has the best mana curve and highest shield trigger count to date so I'm very excited to share it with you.  Most points of conversation are addressed in the video but feel free to ask questions or post in the discussion below!

Water 18
2 Illusionary Merfolk
3 Emeral
3 Corile
3 Aqua Hulcus
3 Energy Stream
1 Crystal Memory
3 Thrash Crawler

Darkness 18
2 Corpse Charger
3 Bloody Squito
2 Ghost Touch
3 Locomotiver
2 Cranium Clamp
2 Lost Soul
4 Terror Pit

Fire 14
3 Phantom Dragon's Flame
2 Volcano Charger
3 Searing Wave
2 Apocalypse Vise
1 Blizzard of Spears
2 Bolmeteus Steel Dragon
1 Bazagazeal Dragon

Total: 50

Other Options:
If Bolmeteus and Bazagazeal are going to be an issue, Twin-Cannon Skyterror and Gatling Skyterror could be useful alternatives.

Some of the more 'recent' fire spells like Apocalypse Vise and Blizzard of Spears may also be replaced with more copies of the current destruction spells like Searing Wave or Volcano Charger. If you're particular about removing stronger creatures or blockers, perhaps another Corile or Death Smoke.

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