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Trading Questions - Q&A


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Trading Questions - Q&A Empty Trading Questions - Q&A

Post by Admin 25.11.16 20:27

On this thread I have gathered various trading related questions. Before posting a question here, please read the already posted ones. If you still have questions after reading these, please ask them using a clear headline and language.

K: How to proceed after getting scammed?
V: First contact the other party and try to fix the situation directly with him. If this doesn't help, file a report of an offence and contact us. More on frauds, go to our Feedback Points Thread.

Q: If 2 users who have both been told to send first for a specific amount of days trade together, how should you proceed?
A: If both users have been punished like this and the punishment is still active after confirming the trade, both users send at the same time.

Q: If both users have the same amount of positive, neutral and negative Feedback, who is sending first?
A: In this case both users send at the same time. If both have at least 5 or more (>=5) positive feedback points, a user with most negative or neutral feedback points sends first. More on this can be found in our Trading Rules.

Q: If after confirming the trade the amount of feedback points is surpassing the other user's feeback points on the day you are sending, how will you proceed?
A: The user sending first is determined during the confirmation time, so it doesn't matter if the situation has changed after the confirmation. However, receiving a negative feedback or a punishment may affect this, but please contact our staff in this case.

Q: We have exchanged addresses with another user and I have sent my end of the deal, which the other user has received. I won't be receiving my end of the deal since the other user thinks that the cards are not in as good condition as agreed, even though I posted a picture. Can I leave negative feedback for him?
A: Yes, you can leave negative feedback for him but only if he can prove that the card weren't in as good condition as agreed on. Sending us a picture is a good way. If the situation doesn't clear even with the help of of one of our staff member, we suggest that you just cancel the deal and receive no feedback or neutral feedback for the trade in question.

Q: I confirmed a trade with a user that has been forbidden to trade. Is he still bound to complete our trade?
A: Yes, since the deal is confirmed the person banned from trading has to complete the trade.

Q: Can a user that has to send cards first for a specific time suggest using a middleman?
A: Yes, he can.

Q: Another user's card were damaged during the shipping; he agreed to compensate. Will he send the compensation first, or shall I send my end first?
A: The compensation is sent first.

Q: I have lots of trades going on at the same time and I'm running out of space in my inbox. Can I copy messages on a text file or take screenshots?
A: It's recommended to keep original messages but if you are running out of space, you can copy messages on a text file or take screenshots. The important thing is that you have documented the phases of your trades properly just in case something happens.

Q: I'm in the middle of a trade and the other user sent his cards first. However, the card wasn't in as good condition as agreed on. I read that in this case I could ask for a compensation or just accept the trade and give feedback accordingly. Can I instead send back the cards I received and cancel the trade?
A: Yes you can.

Q: On my trading thread I have stated clearly that I won't send cards to specific regions. However, I confirmed a trade with a person living in such a region. The address made me realize. Can I cancel the trade without receiving a punishment?
A: Yes you can and if you get negative feedback, please report it to our staff.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask them.

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