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[OCG] Kiramaru Turbo

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[OCG] Kiramaru Turbo Empty [OCG] Kiramaru Turbo

Post by Secret_Wyvern 25.03.17 19:48

While I was digging down through the Zero civilization trying to build a 100% zero deck (you guess how that turned out.) I came across this card

Kiramaru, Great Miracle:
Zero civilization
* When you summon this creature into the battle zone, you and your opponent play Gachinko Judge 3 times. Each time you win and reveal a creature, put that creature into the battle zone instead of putting it on the bottom of your deck. Each time you win and reveal a spell, cast it for no cost instead of putting it on the bottom of your deck.
* Each of your creatures in the battle zone gets "speed attacker".
* Triple breaker
* Eternal Omega

Now this was the main card from that deck, but that deck was terrible. This deck hopefully isn't. Now this deck is a 5 color ramp that has many different finishers to use, but Kiramaru is obviously the main one we want to get out, but if we can't then we hope we can get a different one out to win the game now here's the list:

Bolmeteus Blue Flare Dragon X1 f/w-shield burning unblockable
Puchohenza, Mia Moja 2X l/n-rev change mass removal
Bolmeteus Sapphire Dragon X1 f-shield burning fast attack
Onimaru "head" Victory Rush X1 f-extra turns
Codeking Wilhelm X3 f/n/d-mana accel+removal
Nicol Bolas X2 f/d/w-mass discard+removal
Van Beethoven, Zenith of "Shura" X2 z-mass bounce+anti commands/dragons
Kiramura, Great Miracle X3 z-for no cost spam/spell casts

Shield triggers
Kernel, Blue Stagnation Dragon Elemental X4 l/w-freeze blocker st
Intense Vacuuming Twist X4 w-hand replenish bounce

Other defence
Sido, Time 3 X4 l/w-increases opposing player's spells costs

Mana Accel
Jasmine Mist Faerie X3 n-classic mana accel creature
Johnny Walker, Exploding mask X3 f/n-mana accel/weenie removal
Pixie Life X3 n-mana accel+colorless mana recovery
Ruins of the Lion King X4 n-if your running 5 civs and/or a lot of multi-civ cards you pretty much need to have this in your deck

Now the basic strategy of the deck is very simple.
Accel mana as much as possible to fill the board with your finishers and attack for game. If you have bolmeteuses on the field use them to break shields to deal with shield triggers.
Not that difficult. Actually sometimes it becomes auto-pilot

Mana colors stuff-

Darkness/Fire/Nature 3 8 %
Fire 2 5 %
Fire/Nature 3 8 %
Light/Nature 2 5 %
Light/Water 8 20 %
Nature 10 25 %
Water 4 10 %
Water/Darkness/Fire 2 5 %
Water/Fire 1 3 %
Zero 5 13 %


10 2 5 %
11 2 5 %
12 3 8 %
2 9 23 %
3 4 10 %
4 8 20 %
5 4 10 %
8 5 13 %
9 3 8 %

Creatures    29    73%
Spells    11       28%

Link to deck on TCO-

As always suggestions are always welcome etc. etc.
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[OCG] Kiramaru Turbo Empty Re: [OCG] Kiramaru Turbo

Post by OcaVan 30.03.17 19:20

Looks like a very cool deck. When i first, read about the civilation i had the same idea like you to build a Mono Zero deck but i ended up with the same descision Wink.

If you like you could try out to play 'Prin, Reversal Princess' http://duelmasters.wikia.com/wiki/Prin%2C_Reversal_Prince
Could be a nice combo with Kiramaru and Onimaru 'Head'. You could also try to play Gachinko Roulette for some mana acceleration in combination with Prin. And seventh tower could also help to bring the big beasts out faster.

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