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Maksio9's selling thread


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Maksio9's selling thread Empty Maksio9's selling thread

Post by Maksio9 on 16.02.17 0:40

Hello Smile
Im interested in selling cards only not trading Smile
I have a lot of common and uncommon cards not listed here if you are looking for some of them tell me maybe i have one Smile

Super rare and very rare haves

-Uberdragon Jabaha x1
-Punch Trooper Bronks x1
-Ultimate Dragon x1
-Garkago Dragon x2
-Miraculous Rebirth x1
-Death phoenix avatar of doom x2
-Chaos Fish x1
-Astral Warper x1
-Aqua sniper x1
-Plasma chaser x1
-Invicible Abyss x1
-Vampire Silphy x1
-Sinister General Damudo x1
-Megaria Empress of Dread x1
-Necrodragon Jagraveen x1
-Necrodragon Galbazeek 32a/55 x1
-Splinterclaw Wasp x1
-Terradragon Arque Delacerna x2
-Cliffcrush Giant x1
-Gigamantis x1
-Glena Vuele, the Hypnotic x1
-Petrova, channeler of suns x1
-Kilstine Nebula Elemental x1
-Alcadeias lord of spirits x1
-Sieg Balicula, the intense x1
-Ethel Star sea elemental 1/46 x1

Rare, common and uncommon haves

-Rothus the traveler holo 85a/110 x2
-Metalwing Skyterror holo 42a/55 x1
-Rikabu's Screwdriver x1
-Mechadragon's breath x3
-Simian Warrior Grash x1
-Kyrston lair delver x1
-Flame trooper goliac x4
-Kabaha's automaton x1
-Furious Onslaught x3
-Armored Decimator Valkaizer x2
-Cataclysmic eruption x1

-Bliss totem avatar of luck promo K5/Y1 x1
-Radioactive Horn, the Strange x2
-Tangle fist the weaver x1
-world tree root of life x1
-elf-x x1
-earth ripper talon of rage x1
-cryptic totem x1
-bubble scarab x1
-terradragon anrist whal x1
-essence elf x2
-mulch charger x1
-shaman broccoli x1
-bronze arm tribe x4

-Holy awe promo K1/Y1 x1 x1
-syforce aurora elemental holo 15/46 x1
-mist rias sonic guardian holo 10a/46 x1
-Valkyer starstorm elemental x4
-micute the oracle x1
-ularus punishment elemental x1
-alek solidity enforcer x1
-magris vizier of magnetism x1
-aeris flight elemental x1
-forbos sanctum guardian Q x2

-amber piercer holo 23a/55 x1
-photocide lord of the wastes x1
-schuka duke of amnesia x1
-vashuna sword dancer x1
-gigandura x1
-frost specter shadow of age x1
-hazaria duke of thorns x1
-cranium clamp x1
-upheaval x1
-grave worm Q x1
-skullsweeper Q x1
-chaos worm x1
-morbid medicine x1

-cloned spiral x1
-teleportation x1
-meloppe x1
-typhoon crawler x1
-crystal lancer x1
-eureka charger x2
-emeral x2
-energy stream x1

All cards are M/NM condition or better
Feel free to pm me and make offers Smile

forgot about multicolored :
-nemonex, bajula's robomantis x2
-wind axe the warrior savage x1
-hide and seek x1
-agira, the warlord crawler x1
-comet eye the spectral spud x1
-soderlight the cold blade x1
-gonta the warrior savage x1
-phantomach, the gigatrooper x2
-hydrooze the mutant emperor x1
-aqua skudriver x1
-slash and burn x1
-electro explorer syrion x3
-spectral horn glitails x2
-sea mutant dormel x1
-buzz betocchi x2
-gigappi ponto x3

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Maksio9's selling thread Empty Re: Maksio9's selling thread

Post by Toughtimes on 16.05.17 7:12

Hi i am interested in terradragon arque and death phoenix(english). Please contact me thanks
Master of Evolution
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Maksio9's selling thread Empty Re: Maksio9's selling thread

Post by Promised. on 07.07.17 14:05

Hi from Singapore, are these still available? If they are, may I know your prices?

Miraculous Rebirth x1
Terradragon Arque Delacerna x2
Bliss totem avatar of luck promo K5/Y1 x1
Holy awe promo K1/Y1 x1 x1
Zach Hartigan
Zach Hartigan

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Maksio9's selling thread Empty Re: Maksio9's selling thread

Post by Zach Hartigan on 08.07.17 17:31

Delacerna x2 needed here bounce

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Maksio9's selling thread Promo114

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Maksio9's selling thread Empty Re: Maksio9's selling thread

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