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Katta's last duel is so predictable and stretched.

Master of Destruction
Master of Destruction

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Katta's last duel is so predictable and stretched.

Post by Mr-ex777 on 03.02.17 16:15

I watched the last episode of Duel Masters VSRF and it is so amazingly predictable and straightforward unlike Shobu and Zakira/Mikado's duels. It has none of the intensity that makes it a final duel of a characiter's adventure and can be done in one episode instead of 2. Basara using Dordrain and Overkill Graveyard to pump up Dormageddon X and Katta retaliating using the Revolution 0 Trigger curry bun is extremely predictable and can be done in 3 minutes without all the time stretchers which turned it into 15 minutes. The ending was touching however so there's a redeeming point.

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Re: Katta's last duel is so predictable and stretched.

Post by ELTP on 03.02.17 19:33

I haven't really watched DM any since DM Cross. I watched some new episodes and even heard there are way more dueling in the episodes, which I always have preferred especially since I don't understand Japanese so the story is a bit pointless for me in that sense.

I think the endings have usually have been quite predictable - not always like at the end of DM Charge when Shobu was defeated by Zakira if I recall correctly. My take on this is very light since I haven't watched the episode - clearly - but thought still that I could bring something on the table with my comment pirat

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