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Puzzle pieces, McDonalds promo & Fake cards to trade


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Puzzle pieces, McDonalds promo & Fake cards to trade Empty Puzzle pieces, McDonalds promo & Fake cards to trade

Post by keg0340 on 25.03.20 20:55

I have total 93 total puzzle pieces all in M/NM condition
- 10 From Dm-01 (5 different pieces)
- 8 From Dm-02 (5 different pieces)
- 10 From Dm-03 (7 different pieces)
- 29 From Dm-04 (9 different pieces)
- 19 From Dm-05 (10 different pieces)
- 8 From Dm-08 (7 different pieces)
- 9 From Dm-09 (5 different pieces)

I also have a number of the Mcdonalds promo cards
- 3X Aqua Jolter 2 Lightly played, 1 heavily played
- 2X Mighty Shouter both lightly played
- 2X Toel, Vizier of hope 1 near mint, 1 lightly played
- 2X Dark Raven, Shadow of Grief 1 near mint, 1 lightly played
- 1X Mongrel man Near mint
- 1X Ur Pale, Seeker of Sunlight Lightly played
- 1X Super explosive volcanodon Lightly played
- 1X Gigastand Near mint
- 1X Gigarax Lightly played

I also have what appears to be two different versions of fake cards,
some have cards that should be foils with no shine and others have the foil but its an unusual flossy shine. I have quite a large number of these cards if anyone is interested in them.

Im looking to aquire cards I dont already have for my collection if anyone is interested, I'll be happy to work out a trade.

Ps I live in New Zealand so you'll have to be prepared to trade with someone who lives Internationally

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