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RUG Aggro guide

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RUG Aggro guide Empty RUG Aggro guide

Post by Promised. on 26.08.19 10:29

RUG Aggro guide Rug_de10

Red ( 7 )
3x Pyrofighter Magnus
3x Searing Wave
1x Scarlet Skyterror

Blue ( 11 )
4x Aqua Hulcus
2x Energy Stream
1x Corile
4x Aqua Surfer

Green ( 14 )
4x Quixotic Hero Swine Snout
4x Bronze Arm Tribe
3x Soulswap
1x Rumbling Terrahorn
2x Terradragon Arque Delacerna

Multi ( 8 )
4x Gonta
3x Wind Axe
1x Miraculous Rebirth

Total 40 cards

Apply pressure with a good curve. Continue swarming, and bait discard with pyro and arque combo.

2 drops:
4x Gonta
+ Best 2 drop for aggro
Tip: Manage T1 mana well so you don't get mana screwed

4x Quixotic Hero
+ 2nd best 2 drop for aggro

3 drops:
4x BAT
+ Max copies to swarm better and skip T4 mana into t4 searing wave against aggro decks or t4 wind axe
Tip: BAT is better than Hulcus on T3. BAT or pyro depends on the situation

4x Hulcus
+ Standard max copies for aggro decks that run water
+ Allows you to swarm well mid game onwards

2x Stream
+ Good recovery mid game onwards
+ Cycles deck for cards you need
Tip: generally its the worst 3 drop to play on T3 curve

3x Soulswap
+ Used offensively on Wind Axe, Scarlet and pyro
+ Used defensively as a trigger, or on corile surfer and BAT (for bat use it on your bat on the field to pump 1 mana to searing on T4 or searing + 2 drop against aggro decks)

5 drops
1x Corile
+ Adds to water count
+ Buys you an extra turn against aggro decks

1x Rumbling Terrahorn
+ Search mechanic with body, count your cards and determine what you have in shields (inherent synergy with the deck because this deck doesn't require you to search for spells unlike RUB or GRUB)
+ Tether arque/pyro to set up hand bait combo. Late game can also rumbling into pyro for speed attacker to finish off opponent

3x Wind Axe
+ Use it to removal high value blockers like pala and tajimal.
+ Ability has no power cap

6 drops:
4x Aqua Surfer
+ Best defensive trigger that can be runned in the deck

1x Miraculous Rebirth
+ Search mechanic, count cards
+ Tether Pyro, wind axe, corile, rumbling

8 drops:
1x Scarlet Skyterror
+ Mainly used as a tech against Hydro
+ Store in mana zone early game and get it out late game with soulswap

2x Arque
+ Handguards
+ Combos with Pyro as pyro returns to hand

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