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GUB Gajirabute Aggro Guide

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GUB Gajirabute Aggro Guide Empty GUB Gajirabute Aggro Guide

Post by Promised. on 19.08.19 10:03

GUB Gajirabute Aggro Guide Qy5dd210

Green (16)
4x Quixotic
3x Soulswap
4x Bronze Arm Tribe
2x Pincer Scarab
1x Rumbling Terrahorn
2x Terradragon Arque Delacerna

Blue (14)
4x Aqua Hulcus
2x Energy Stream
2x Crystal Paladin
2x Corile
4x Aqua Surfer

Black (6)
1x Propeller Mutant
4x Gajirabute
1x Terror Pit

Multi Colored (4)
4x Melnia The Aqua Shadow

Total 40 cards

Against control beatdown with small creatures, and close the game out with gajirabute.
Against aggro, play around searing wave and fight for tempo

2 drops:
The minimum number of 2 drops for Aggro decks seems to be 8. I go with 9 for this deck, the exception being propeller mutant because of the lack of darkness count.

● 4x melnia
+ liquid people race allows sufficient cheap liquid people bodys for crystal paladin to be played effectively in the deck
+ Slayer ability, trades well with 2 drops from other aggro decks
Fucks with baza
+ Adds to the darkness count. Total 10 darkness
+ Can't be blocked ability allows it to interact to its advantage against blockers that can't attack best example of that would be bloody squito.
+ Has good utility throughout the game because it can threaten lethal with gajirabute when your opponent only has 1 shield left. You get melnia on the field, then play gajirabute next turn to kill your opponent with melnia regardless of how many blockers your opponent has

● 4x Quixotic
+ Best aggro 2 drop for nature civi
+ Comparing quixotic and melnia, a general rule is its better to play melnia first when you have both in starting by turn2 to prevent mana color shortages in the next turns. That said this doesn't apply all the time.
Melnia still maintains a high utility as the game progresses into the later stages while quixotic's decreases as the game progresses. Quixotic will only ever be a 2 drop. Melnia and combo with gajirabute to finish your opponent, crystal paladin to summon paladin in 1 turn, baits opponent to discard your arque as they might think you have one of either menlia or crystal paladin.

●1x Propeller mutant
+ Good utility as game progresses
+ Next best darkness card over 1st spinning terror and 2nd pit
+ Need to play for the darkness card count

Mana charging order for t2: Its always better to charge water mana first as you may draw a terror pit. In which case you would be able to keep gajirabute in hand and decide whether you want to charge it or hard summon it. Flexibilty of options is important.
If you open starting hand with melnia and no darkness mana, considering charge melnia on T1 to avoid getting mana screwed in the next few turns. Unless your hand is abysmal and you also don't have 3 drops

3 drops:
● 4x hulcus
+ Best plus 1 card, attacking body and evo body

● 4x Bronze Arm Tribe
+ Mana Ramp

● 2x Stream
+ Good recovery
+ Can play on curve

● 3x Soulswap
+ Access gajirabute from mana
Tip: sometimes late game you have lethal. If you have paladin in hand, you can swap out a liquid people from your mana zone and summon pally for game

Hulcus vs BAT scenario: at T3 if you have both in hand, you have to take the matchup you're playing into consideration. Eg. Play BAT if you want to set up a good corile play next turn or play around searing wave. Play hulcus if you want to set up a paladin turn. These are just a few examples, it really depends what you opponent is playing and how the game is playing out on field that decides which is the better card to play.
BAT is generally better than hulcus

4 drops:
● 2x Pincer Scarab
Tip: Against decks that run corile, only play it on curve when you are going first. Avoid giving your opponent a good corile turn

● 2x Crystal Paladin

5 drops:
● 1x Rumbling Terrahorn
+ Search your deck mechanic
+ Tether a creature that you need or get hand guard (added value because you have to show it to your opponent)

Tip: For competitive games always remember to search your deck and count cards to deduce what's in your shields

● 2x Corile
tip: consider BAT into corile against aggro

6 drops:
● 4x Aqua Surfer
+ Useless late game
+ Consider keeping it when you have 5 mana to play next turn

8 drops:
● 2x Arque
+ Handguards

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