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Underrated Cards:2. The Super Necrodragon Abzo Dolba


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Underrated Cards:2. The Super Necrodragon Abzo Dolba

Post by Enigmafiend on 17.03.18 15:35

To start things off, i would merely ask you to take a brief moment out of your life and praise the glorious artwork that this creature has and how it captures everything one would expect from a Zombie Dragon. The artist doesn't hold back as he paints a vivid image of a grand skeletal being with a long elongated decaying body. Spike jag out of its tail as its demonic horned face smile maniacally towards you, laughing and gazing deep into your soul FOR THE WORLD OF MAN WILL FALL AND HOW THE DRAGONS WILL LAUGH, *SINISTER LAUGHTER* YOU MORTAL WILL BE MINE AND YOUR DEATH WILL FU........... Whoa! i wonder what that was. Anyway coming back to topic, lets get down to reviewing the card
- Albeit not one of the most perfect cards out there it does hold great potential, esp it the areas where you need high power and sheer brute force. Good darkness players will know by now that nothing in the graveyard goes to waste. Your opponent has been filling your graveyard? He has been taunting you as to how nothing can kill his OP Billion Degree Dragon? Well now you can shove it in his face with a creature with soo much power an asian needed a calculator to calculate it. Similarly in a F/N/D deck this card could change the game and give you control over the opponents *MIGHTY BLOCKERS*.
- I mean come on, that personification. Its almost as if the artist saw the real thing and then made a semi - accurate censored sketch. A long snake body that distinguishes as a dragon and as it wraps the art frame, its tail going down into the darkness as if it was the Shenron of dead balls. A face with pure evil written all over it. Gorey, skinless hands that stretch out at its side. It envelopes all that you would want if your own personal edgy dragon, i assume you will want this.
- Though this creature has no personal loreunfortunately that is, its subtext still counts and boy does it do wonders. I swear i cant comprehend how duel masters failed with such artist behind it Probably cause they didnt support Balesk and cards like this. "The dragons rose. Hope fell". What a way to cap off the general dangerous and sinister feel of this card. Simply saying the Dragons rose hope fell not only implies that Bombazar would kill tcg but also encompasses what dragons were lore wise. Beasts of destruction and chaos who cared not, had no mercy and would kill anything and everything in their path.
- I dont know about you but this card has come to use variously in my duels yet it still lacks that main finisher kick. Some awesome ability that would make it stand out from other dragons. I like how WoTC stuck to dm's darkness theme and the fact that this is a Zombie dragon they gave it power effects based on the graveyard but a simple immunity would have been enough as it already came out of the box with  Powers to rival even DEATH CRUZER. So yes, an underrated yet useable card

In the depth of the abyss, i lie, waiting silently as the ages corrode the barriers that bound me.Fools those who worship me and those who dont. Fools all of them, those who wish to stop my return and those that hasten it. I slowly rise and as i did before, i will do what my comrades failed to do. I will turn this world into a graveyard. Heed my word mortal, try and stop me and thou shall fail, surrender and thou shall die quick for every death fuels the furnace of my strength.

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