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Buying some cards :D


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Buying some cards :D Empty Buying some cards :D

Post by TrixVinctus on 19.01.18 20:10

Good day everybody,im here because in the past month or so i started to dig up my old duel masters cards and a huge nostalgia started to rise.
I sadly found out that all the cards i have are fake(sadly 99% of cards in Romania are fake) and had a huge dissapointment.
Trough out digging and searching i found this forum and im here to ask if anyone is selling some cards(some cheap bulks if possible) to finally start my duel master collection again Very Happy Very Happy
Thank you and have a great day all of you Very Happy !

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Buying some cards :D Empty Re: Buying some cards :D

Post by kubu on 19.01.18 20:13

PM me, i have a lot of staples to build basic decks Wink

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