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xephons Verkaufsstand


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xephons Verkaufsstand

Post by xephon on 04.03.17 16:32

Hey folks, I was a collector but i want to sell my collection. (it was over 4k cards, so the most already is)
Prefered in greather quantity, priority on cards i cant or dont want to use anymore in decks.
my goal is to sell all but a few remembering cards, could call them crystal memories^^

Cardstatus: default is Nearmint - Mint always in perfectsleeves.
some are damaged(DMG) or played(PLD)
Language: default is japanese. some are english(eng.) or german(ger.)
-Edition Common to Rares can be a Foil version. (h.c./c.c. ect.)
-The names may be translated different, edition numbers are printed on the cards.

Have fun while reading

1x dm06/4 Invincible Technology (ger.)
2x dm06/49 Thrash Crawler (1x eng.1x ger.)
1x dm14/S3 Crystal Twin Lancer
3x dm19/85 Fuuma Webaris
1x dm22/S2 Supernova Petelgius Final Cannon
2x dm22/2 Poseidia Dragon Spell Grand Blue
4x dm27/41 Quarian (all Foil)
3x dm29/S2 Baiken Poseidia Dragon of the Hidden Blade (2x dmc63)
1x dm29/2 Orochi Lord of the Hidden Blade
4x dm29/42 Genius Jaint of the Hidden Blade (all Foil)
2x dm30/2 Ice Lance Paladins Spear
3x dm31/1 Blue Wolf Spell Gear Phantom
1x dm31/10 Amaterasu Founder of Blue Wolves (Foil)
1x dm33/S2 Cribbean Moon the Enlightened
1x dm32/S3 Emperor Chirico
1x dm34/2 Crystal Phalanx
4x dm34/41 Cuty Lupia (all Foil)
4x dm37/41 Jaws Pirate
2x SC1/SC3/Y8 Poseidia Bolbalzak Sword Flash Dragon
3x dmc54/8 Emperor Maco
4x dmc54/21 Aqua Surfer
4x dmc63/18 Energy Stream
2x dmc66/6 Supernova Neptune Shutrom

1x dm05/15 Syforce, Aurora Elemental (Foil eng.)
4x dm14/1 Elpheus Lord of Spirits (3x dmc52/7)
2x dm15/1 Light Weapon Marianne
1x dm16/S1 Ophanis Spirit of the Five
3x dm23/S1 Ultimate Galaxy Universe (2x dmc55/16)
1x dm24/12 Evil Declarer Lagias (Foil)
2x dm24/73 Guardian of Red Lothus (all Foil)
3x dm29/1 Apollonia Dragon Ral Absorber (2x DMG)
1x dm29/37 Falconer, Lightfang Guardian
1x dm31/S1 El Levian Lord of Spirits
2x dm31/8 Heavenly Fan
3x dm33/1 Apollonia Dragon Rei Soleiu
3x dm33/21 Leonidas, White Knight Spirit
4x dm33/23 Peace Lupia
3x dm33/40 Strong Guard
2x dmc46/1 Apollonia Dragon Diamond Glorious
3x dmc46/2 Yurius, Spirit of Thunder
3x dmc46/3 Magic Shot - Glory Gate
3x dmc46/32 Murmur, Apostle of the Formation
4x dmc50/8 Milzam Spirit of Miracles (2x dmc66)
2x dmc50/14 Super Spark
2x dmc66/1 Alphadios Lord of Spirits
3x dmc66/25 Apollonia Dragon Spell Del Fin (1x dmc46/22)
1x dmc66/26 Perfect Galaxy Spirit of Immortality
2x dmc66/27 Silver Glory invincible Fortress (1x dmc55/28 )

4x dm1/46 Bloody Squito (all ger,PLD)
4x dm8/33 Necrodragon Giland (all eng.)
4x dm12/26 Cloned Nightmare (all eng.)
2x dm14/S6 Diabolost, Shady General (1x dmc55)
1x dm14/94 Quake Staff
1x dm16/3 Pitch Black War Demon Dulanzames
2x dm21/3 Devil Saint Death Arcadia
2x dm22/3 Necrodragon Babelginus
2x dm23/3 Nineheaded Dragon Dran Kilios
1x dm25/S1 Olzekia General of Decapitation
1x dm27/1 Violence Heaven
3x dm27/44 Death Mendosa Dragonic Baron (all Foil)
2x dm29/27 Gal Volf, Dark Wolfblade (Foil,1xP19/Y7)
2x dm30/S3 Supernova Death Dragerion (1x dmc63/9)
2x dm31/S2 Galaxy Blade the Final
1x dm31/12 King Balcry (Foil)
2x dm33/3 Hellgate Moon the Enlightened
4x dm33/44 Lunar Kuroro (all Foil)
1x dm34/S3 Beginning Romanoff
1x dm34/3 Bayha Dragonic Worm Reaper
1x dm34/12 Gigajadou (Foil)
3x dm35/12 Darkness Romanoff the Enlightened (Foil,2x dmc66)
3x dm35/44 Dorgedos the Reaper Drake (all Foil)
2x P42/Y9 Hannibal Zeta
1x dmc38/9 Dark Hydra Lord of the Evil Planet
2x dmc40/3 Necrodragon Dobolzark
3x dmc40/5 Dark Soul Creation (2x dcm46)
3x dmc43/9 Necrodragon Guljeneraid
1x dmc43/27 Inferno Gate
3x dmc46/4 Magic Shot - Arcadia Egg
2x dmc46/27 Fuuma Trash Train
4x dmc46/28 Terror Pit
1x dmc54/7 Supernova Pluto Deathbringer
1x dmc63/12 Hanzuo Menacing Phantom
1x dmc63/17 Inferno Sign
1x dmc46/6 Skull Moon the Enlightened

1x dm06/7 Invincible Cataclysm (ger.)
1x dm13/S1 Eternal Phoenix of Dragon Flame
2x dm14/S7 Bombercross Dragon (1x dmc66)
1x dm15/S4 Bajulas Soul
1x dm16/S4 Super Dragon Valkyrias
2x dm19/S7 Blast Dragonic Spirit Dragirias
1x dm20/S4 Supernova Lila Bolstrom
2x dm22/4 Super Dragonic Spirit Volgailshack
1x dm22/15 Infinity Dragon
4x dm24/S4 Bolmetheus Samurai Dragon (3x dmc59/3)
1x dm25/1 Elementius Thunderbolt Dragon
2x dm26/2 Variable Amon Dragon
1x dm27/2 Infinity Phoenix of Dragon Flame
1x dm28/8 Dragon Gear Samurai Legend
3x dm29/S4 Bazagazeal Hayate Dragon (2x dmc59/2)
3x dm30/31 Jack Raidou
3x dm31/30 Violence Bolt Dragon (all Foil)
1x dm32/S7 Drag Moon the Enlightened
1x dm33/32 Kaiser Wing Dragon (Foil)
2x dm34/S4 Bolshack Cross Nex (1x dmc64)
2x dm34/49 Mach Lupia (all Foil)
1x dm35/S4 Romanoff Kaiser Nex the Super Enlightened
2x dm35/2 Galaxy Shot Hell (1x dmc64)
2x dm35/30 Sunshine Nex the Enlightened (all Foil)
3x P8/Y4 Chitta Peloru
2x P54/Y8 Super Dragon Sunburst Nex
1x dmc19/2 Heavyweight Dragon
3x dmc33/6 Hell Scraper
2x dmc43/2 Flameburn Dragon (1x dmc56/35)
2x dmc43/37 Pop Rubin
1x dmc45/6 Bolmetheus Kensei Dragon
3x dmc45/8 Wind Blade Bushido Spirit
3x dmc45/9 Thunder Blade Kamikaze Spirit
2x dmc45/19 Bolshack Yamato Dragon
3x dmc45/23 Zack Pichi Winged Dragon Admiral
2x dmc56/4 Dragon Gear Sword Flash Legend
3x dmc56/9 Bolbalzak Swordflash Dragon
4x dmc56/24 Boleas Bird of Fire
3x dmc56/25 Bullet Shirou Barret
4x dmc59/5 Zangeki Mach Armor
3x dmc62/16 Bolshack Nex Dragon
2x dmc65/6 Bolmetheus Steel Dragon
1x dmc66/11 Super Dragon Bajula
2x dmc66/12 Rising Nex the Enlightened

4x dm10/83 Faerie Life (all eng.)
2x dm14/9 Terradragon Magragran
1x dm16/S5 Super Terradragon Bramgreil
3x dm16/5 Commanding Leopard Horn
2x dm23/S2 Supernova Bigbang Anastathis (1x dmc55)
3x dm27/30 Colorful Dance
1x dm28/S9 Super Terradragon Variant Vades
4x dm28/105 Loquat Retainers the Wandering Travelers (all Foil,3x dmc45/33)
1x dm29/5 Terradragon Dolrugan Murasame
2x dm30/5 Terradragon Bragnaborne
2x dm32/66 Kishima Giant (all Foil)
3x dm33/5 Asura the Great Enigma
1x dm34/S5 Heracles Birther of Gods
1x dm34/5 Supernova Balga Raizou
2x dm35/5 Galaxy Desteny the Super Enlightened
2x dm35/33 Ida the Great Enigma (all Foil)
3x dmc39/25 Soul Swap
4x dmc45/31 Natural Snare
3x dmc49/21 Terradragon Balgazarmas
4x dmc59/11 Living Lithograph
1x dmc66/ Fighter Dual Fang

2x dm13/S3 Asylum Dragon Paladin (1x dmc43/1)
2x dm13/S5 Matchless Fear Lord Galumta (1x DMG)
1x dm13/1 Demonic Holy Spirit Balforce
1x dm13/31 Judgement of Flame and Water
3x dm13/29 Stronghold of Fire and Lightning
2x dm17/3 Tsunami Catastrophe
2x dm24/S8 Dorvolan, Engaging Dragon Rider (1x PLD)
2x dm24/8 Devil Meteor Amon Bells
1x dm25/S4 Romanesk the Dragon Wizzard
2x dm25/5 Girimegis Demonic Strike Armor
2x dm25/30 Gaias Knight Oslawan (all Foil)
1x dm26/S3 Gaias Holy King Alcadeias
2x dm26/S4 Akku Ultimate God
2x dm26/3 Zen Transcendence God
1x dm26/S5 Kirin Legacy Twin Meteor
4x dm26/48 Fuuma Bariel Armored Insect (all Foil)
3x dm26/27 Beauticain Viral Fear Lord (all Foil)
3x dm26/34 Gaias Persistend Prison (all Foil)
5x dm26/40 Bega Vizier of Decay (all Foil, 2x dmc46)
4x dm26/44 Fuuma Harisenmon
3x dm26/53 Bisecting Sculldecony (all Foil)
2x dm27/S5 Perfect Earth Planetary Dragon (1x dmc66/24)
2x dm27/5 Gaias Holy Queen Alcadeias
3x dm27/14 Samurai Lupia (1x Foil)
2x dm31/19 Master Weapon - All Yes
1x dm38/S5 Balcadeas, Overlord of Deamons
1x dm39/S5 Diabolos Zeta, Temporal Ruler/Evil Awakened (+vicehole dm37)
2x P0Y3 Super Dragon Machine Dolzark (all eng.)
2x SC3/SC3/Y8 Saga God of Destruction
4x dmc38/2 Maxwell Electro-Fuuma
4x dmc39/28 Gonta the Warrior Savage
2x dmc43/3 Saint Bolshack Spiritual Dragon
4x dmc43/4 Endra Pappi
2x dmc43/5 Impact of Heavenly Violence
2x dmc45/13 Bloggenpack Armed Dragon
2x dmc45/15 Geo Goctra Armed Dragon
1x dmc45/17 Dragon Blade Yamato Spirit
2x dmc46/10 Nero Gryphis, Mystic Light Emperor
3x dmc46/11 Gregorias, Mystic Light Saint
4x dmc46/12 Bloody Shadow, Mystic Light Knight
2x dmc46/21 Auzesu, Demonic Holy Spirit
4x dmc51/5 Lupia Lapia
4x dmc56/5 Pipippi Electro Razer
2x dmc57/7 Earth Eternity Gate
2x dmc63/2 Suva, Emperor of the Gods
3x dmc63/5 Original Heart New Moon Pulse
1x dmc63/10 Miraculous Plaque
2x dmc63/11 Adge, Emperor of the Gods
2x dmc63/14 Ana, Emperor of the Gods
4x dmc63/16 Mora, Emperor of the Gods
4x dmc63/19 Mani, Emperor of the Gods
2x dmc64/12 Bolpheus Heaven Holy Super Dragon
3x dmc66/19 Sword Flash Galaxy Super Champ (1x dmc55)
1x dmc66/21 Death Phoenix Avatar of Doom
2x dmc66/23 Violence Thunder Extreme Dragon Wizzard
2x dmc66/34 Prominence Catastrophe
2x dmc67/3 Stardust Nex Dragon

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Re: xephons Verkaufsstand

Post by ELTP on 05.03.17 1:21

It's great to see how many great old school you have got there! You should be able to attract many users willing to buy those here.

Aber verkaufe nicht alles weil dann du nicht mit andere Deutschen oder internationale Leute spielen könntest und das wäre schrecklich. Deswegen brauchts du ein paar Kristallgedächtniskarten und noch mindestens ein Deck dazu. So don't sell too much(:

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Re: xephons Verkaufsstand

Post by xephon on 11.05.17 10:22


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Re: xephons Verkaufsstand

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